Kelly Zullo has been a tireless musical troubadour of nearly 25 years. Riding high crests and valleys through her career, she is no stranger to having to flex and bend to accommodate what talents are needed to pave the way for the current project. A singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist, drummer, audio engineer, producer, entrepreneur, business owner, carpenter… tireless traveler and adventurer, her art reflects with bare honesty her travels and emotions. Traveling easily a half a million miles around the United States in her 20 years of performing, she made a home out of a van to accommodate the mobile lifestyle of music. Others know her as a drummer as she performed with a few well known folk acts. Some know her as a songwriter and music producer, as she produced and engineered nearly a dozen albums during her time in Nashville, TN.

Wherever she goes, she seems to make an art of it. Most recently that place has been Columbus OH, where she has been mostly seen performing at festivals and clubs as her act “Kelly Zullo & The Invisible Circus”, a one woman band where she plays drum loops, complex funky guitar lines and bass with her feet while singing philosophical funk jams. A new album she has now in the works featuring top ten hitmaker Rich Redmond on drums (Jason Aldean, Kelly Clarkson, Jewel and many others), and the late and wonderful Jackie Street on bass (Natalie Umbruglia, Amy Grant, Jars Of Clay) is due out this summer of 2019. That project called “The Twenty Year Album” can be followed on


"Kelly Zullo stands out from a sea of singer-songwriters. Her strengths lie in her unique slamming and rapid fingerpicking on her acoustic guitar. She wows listeners with her Outstanding guitar accompaniment."

 -Winner, International Acoustic Music Awards, Best Female Artist 

"An energetic acoustic guitar assault by this skilled, funky speed demon”.  

-Guitar World Magazine