"An energetic acoustic guitar assault by this skilled, funky speed demon."
- Guitar World Magazine
"Best Local Solo Musician" -614 Magazine 2014-2015

"Kelly Zullo stands out from a sea of singer-songwriters. Her strengths lie in her unique slamming and rapid fingerpicking on her acoustic guitar. She wows listeners with her Outstanding guitar accompaniment."

— -Winner of 2011 International Acoustic Music Awards, Best Female Artist

"Funk, Jazz, Folk in a one person band of Authentic eclectic guitar and "foot bass" " 

Incorporating machine-gun acoustic guitar skills, live drumming and simultaneous 'foot pedal bass', Kelly Zullo takes the art of singer-songwriter to a new level.   She breathes fresh air into the 'one man band concept' by using it as a vehicle to support her uniquely frenetic acoustic guitar playing, live looped drums and quirky life-bent philosophy acoustic funk jams that take the listeners ears off with her speed, accuracy and syncopation.



Walking a high wire in the cliche one-man-band category, Zullo breathes fresh air into the concept by using it as a vehicle to support her highly unique and energetic acoustic guitar playing, reminiscent of Michael Hedges or Rodrigo Y Gabriela. Pairing it with her deep philosophically driven songwriting, she plays live drums which she loops, then covers the part of bass by using midi foot pedals while playing complex lead lines over vocals.

In her current hometown of Columbus, OH, she was voted 614 Magazine’s “Best Solo Musician” two years in a row and won “best songwriter” in the yearlong Columbus Songwriter Association competition. Guitar World Magazine describes her as "An energetic acoustic guitar assault by this skilled, funky speed demon”.   

The journey started long ago and far away from Ohio.  Hailing from Stillwater, NY, Kelly began performing at the early age of 12 and went on to study audio engineering, saxophone, drums, vocals and guitar on a college and professional level at 18 when she moved to Nashville, TN to attend popular music business “athens”, Belmont University.   Learning from and playing with greats like Reggie Wooten (guitar), Rich Redmond (drums), Jackie Street (bass), she was exposed to great musicians and disciplinarians at an early age of adult life while working at world class studios as engineer and producer while pursuing her own art.  Filling the years with hundreds if not thousands of shows and a dozen albums after leaving Nashville, life has sculpted this malleable soul into a disciplined, philosophy driven multi-trades person who applies all aspects of music to being a singer songwriter.   


"Kelly .. has developed her own unique, extremely rapid, percussive, yet finely melodic style of picking-while-pounding-out-rhythm on her guitar."

-Dr. Ron Emoff, Professor of Music, Ohio State University

"Kelly Zullo swings her axe wisely, tempered by years of working at songwriting, and she delivers these songs in an acrobatic voice, at times backed up by a fiddle and upright bass. she has gained some notoriety for her style, particularly among the guitar community."


Email:  Booking@kellyzullo.com   Phone: 615-483-3256

Email: Booking@kellyzullo.com

Phone: 615-483-3256


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