Zenquisition was started in 1999. I decided to change course and focus on a life of adventure. Here are some of those adventures.

This is actually true, for about 5 hours I lived in a flophouse. I found the cheapest hotel I could so I could “move to NYC”. When I checked in a sign said NO REFUNDS, which was true, even within 5 hours. I paid $150 for a whole week, not thinking that’s strange and entered the 5 levels of “hotel” which consisted of a main room of depression and smell. My room was 7’ x 4’ and consisted of a sticky floor and a cot that was 6” off the ground, plywood walls and a chicken wire roof.

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 9.16.39 PM.png

I drove from NY to Atlanta for a $100 gig. I played for 45 minutes to a fair amount of people and then was asked to spend the remainder of the evening playing outside on the sidewalk to “get people in from the street”.

When going on tour in 2011, I drove my 1990 bmw convertible 2000 miles around the east coast with my dog, Gibson. Forgetting we both needed to hydrate as it was 100 degree heat, we fared worse than the car. I stayed with great hosts and had a blast, but by the time I returned to Chicago I was super sick and had to go to the hospital from dehydration. I guess coffee and alcohol were a bad idea driving 2000 miles with the top down.


In 2010 a friend booked a tour of Europe for me, which I traveled using trains and a German website which helps people hitch hike. It’s a lot safer and more organized over there to do so. I spent 3 weeks with just a backpack and guitar and it was incredible!

For 2-3 years during 2003-05 I didn’t play music and got a stable job. My life was creativity free. And it was boring as hell.

There’s nothing I love more than living in my van and actually having nothing. I built it into a house with a shower, bed, closet, bathroom and dining area. I’ve never been able to do it full time, but I do have a week or 3 here where I can experience it.